The Brownstone: Troubled Waters by Julie Brown


brownLili Wentworth’s life was already the definition of ruined, and she had hoped to start picking up the pieces in Sri Lanka. In The Brownstone, she has lost everything she knew and loved. Now in The Brownstone: Troubled Waters, all she wants is her life back. The last thing she needed was a group of people, some strangers, some dear to her, telling her she was Gifted. She has been her whole life, and not just with any ordinary Gift either. Being born extraordinary comes with as many confusing avenues to navigate as it does dangers. Soon, she is discovering that she no longer has a clear idea of who she is, and what to make of her life. As she struggles to trust the companions she must lean on for guidance, Lili has some decisions to make. Does she deny her dreams and fight the compulsion to help others when she still cannot help herself, or does she listen and learn, as her father may have once done? Can she open her heart again, only to find someone else has taken over it? And when disaster strikes, will her injured legs be steady enough to withstand it?

In this second installment of the Brownstone series, Julie Brown writes Lili as she moves past her most vulnerable stages. Lili is still the compassionate and light-hearted woman she’s always been, evolving with each change she is put through. When the world continues to beat her down, she does not roll over and allow it. There are many lessons to learn: those of healing, those of self-love, and then how to bring out that inner strength to love others. Lili’s story reminds readers that when one path closes, a million more branch out. Her character is woven with complexities that mirror real life — it is no walk in the park to move on. Each supporting character is also fleshed out to give credence to their message. Beautifully crafted, the story gives Lili options beyond what she thought she was meant for. There is no replacing dancing and loving Terence, but surrounded by those that care for her, she wonders about one doctor that is more than sweet on her, and someone waiting for her back at the Brownstone. Troubled Waters is a moving tale of transcendence and survival with grace. Readers may take the steps to find peace alongside the story, just as Lili is saved.

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