The Burning Bush by Adriana Moreira

four stars

41rZUwcw4cL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A Christian account of God urging one woman, Adriana Moreira, to get His message to as many people as possible is the premise of The Burning Bush: To God’s Suffering Children. As the author of this memoir-like book, Adriana Moreira shares various examples from the Holy Bible and relates them to experiences she had with [her] God in His effort to get her to spread His message. She audibly heard a whisper on numerous occasions until she finally listened and chose to do what she was being called to do. Throughout the book, she breaks down different aspects of suffering and shares inspirational stories to help those going through the various different types of suffering to realize they can find support in Christ.

Christian readers or those who lean towards Christian belief systems will likely find a lot of hope, guidance and support in Adriana Moreira’s The Burning Bush: To God’s Suffering Children. Not only is it a fairly well-written inspirational book, but Moreira has included numerous uplifting Bible verses. Even more than that, she included the whispered messages God spoke to her. With boxes around them, they stand out and can be found quickly and easily just by scanning through The Burning Bush. Adriana Moreira is clearly a devout Christian and therefore, her book will connect with readers of similar faith. The Burning Bush can bring the reader’s God into his or her life in all areas just as the author did within the pages of her book. Readers, who feel they are suffering children of God, should consider grabbing a copy and reading it to gain inspiration and the realization that they aren’t alone.

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