The Canary with the Broken Wing by Alonza WIlliams

The Canary with the Broken Wing by Alonza Williams

Randi Lewis, a hard working employee of Brockington Capital Management, is trying to work her way up the corporate ladder while also taking college courses at night. Randi is trying to find what everyone in life is looking for: the perfect balance between work and home life and finding love with the little time she has for herself. The only problem is, Randi feels obligated to help her little sister overcome a terrible depression which has almost taken her life. George Evans, an Analyst at Brockington Capital Management has paid his dues.  He has worked at Brockington since high school, and put himself through college while still being part of the Brockington family. This is George’s time to shine!  As the youngest person ever to be promoted to president of this branch of the company, will George’s time be stopped short? Will George’s new found love put an end to everything he has worked hard for? These are the questions Alonza Williams explores in his novel, The Canary with the Broken Wing.

This book is tells the story of great loss in a family and how that family struggles to support each other through difficult times. Though this story is slow to start, it does keep you interested in the characters and you find yourself hoping for the best outcome for them. There are some parts of the story which seem unrealistic, such as a member of management dating an employee. In a corporation as large as “Brockington Capital Management” it should be known that dating your subordinate is unacceptable. The story ends somewhat abruptly and leaves you wondering what could have been, but the journey that gets you to this end is still a suspenseful page turner nevertheless.

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