The Chicken Street Gang and The Day at Bizkit Biscuits by Hilary Hawkes

four stars

The Chicken Street Gang and The Day at Bizkit Biscuits is a short novel for children written by Hilary Hawkes. The story follow a group of children named Luke, Poppy, Lucy, Tom, and Billie who call themselves the Chicken Street Gang, as they all live on Chicken Street and also go to the Chicken Street School which is of course, on Chicken Street! They are all in the same class in Year Five. Some of the children have health issues, as Billie has a hearing problem, Poppy has brittle bones disease and Tom has Autism. These three don’t let their disabilities stop them from exploring Chicken Street and just being your average kid however. They band together with Luke and Lucy and love to solve mysteries around the neighborhood. This is the third book in the trilogy, which follows the children on an adventure to the BizKit Biscuits factory, which Billie’s dad owns. The kids find that the new vegetable flavored biscuits are a great way to trap burglars! With this knowledge, many hijinks ensue!

This is a great book for children who are starting to read longer books on their own, as it is much longer than a normal picture book, but short enough to keep children’s attention throughout the entire story. The simple black and white illustrations contained within are a nice touch to help push the child aged reader along. Hilary Hawkes does a great job of banding children with disabilities together to love and support one another, and best of all, go on adventures that other kids will enjoy reading about!

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