The Chicken Street Gang and the Day Dad Borrowed an Elephant

by Hilary Hawkes

four stars

In the first book of The Chicken Street Gang series, we follow Luke, Poppy, Lucy, Tom, and Billie as they aim to solve a mystery. The Chicken Street Gang and the Day Dad Borrowed an Elephant by Hilary Hawkes sets up the framework for the future books in the series, but it works well as a standalone children’s novel as well. As we previously discussed in our review of the third book in this series, some of the children have health issues or disabilities, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun and setting out on adventure. In this story, Poppy’s dad’s job is jeopardized. He must find a way to sleep in the daytime so that he can stay up all night. Nothing works for him though, until he accidentally borrows an elephant from the nearby wildlife park. The elephant’s name is Wilma, and soon the children in The Chicken Street Gang realize that Wilma has a magical power that might help Poppy’s dad keep his job after all!

The title of this book alone should be enough to catch children’s attention, and even if it doesn’t, the engaging story that Hawkes has written will be sure to pull them in. A group of children banding together to solve mysteries is a cute premise, and the weight of it is seen as even more important due to the fact that some of the children are living with disabilities. While those setbacks are not the center of the story, Hawkes does make sure that the reader is aware of the afflictions that cause her characters hardship.

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