The Chronicles of Mathew: Frozen Soul by Jacob Rensfeldt


The Chronicles of Mathew: Frozen Soul by Jacob Rensfeldt introduces the reader to Mathew Clarunde, a depressed teenager struggling with the death of his best friend and how to build new relationships. However, Mathew’s life is quickly cut short during a school skiing trip when he dies in a freak accident. Mathew is then confronted with the decision of whether to choose life or death. Mathew’s choice turns him into an Ice Elemental, a mythical being with the power to control ice and snow. As an Elemental, Mathew is introduced to a world that regular human beings only believe exists in fairy tales and their nightmares. In a world inhabited by yetis, succubus, vampires, and dragons, Mathew doesn’t shy away from becoming friends with almost everyone he encounters. Even though Mathew appears more fitted to this new world, he becomes the center of controversy when a dire situation calls for swift action on the part of his new friends, which results in his elemental powers taking new shape. His notoriety only leads him to find himself in entanglements with the law, murder plots, and, ultimately, war.

Rensfeldt’s storytelling ability grows with the book. The beginning is slow and uneventful with some of the scenes feeling forced, but as the book reaches its climax, it becomes a quick read, with an ending that is touching and heartwarming. Although the dialogue is sophomoric at times, the action sequences are highly descriptive and carefully planned. Overall, Rensfeldt has a clever and unique story; however, gaps in logic and the time sequence stop it from reaching its full potential.

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