The Colossus by Ranjini Iyer


When Maxine Rosen receives a strange visitor from London, she has no idea how her life will change and all of the extraordinary adventures that await her. Until this time, Max has been leading a rather unremarkable life. She has a nice apartment, runs a semi-successful catering company, and, until recently, had a decent enough boyfriend. When Mr. Lars Lindstrom reveals that he has information regarding the scientific research that both Max’s father and grandfather had devoted their lives to, Max’s interest is piqued. When the information that Mr. Lindstrom shows Max possibly suggests that her father did not commit suicide, Max becomes dedicated to following the clues to their end, finishing the work that her predecessors had begun, clearing her father’s name, and discovering who the Colossus really was. From London to Karachi, Max’s search for truth and love will take her around the world, force her to put her life on the line, and test the very foundations of everything she believes.

Ranjini Iyer’s novel, The Colossus, is a thoughtful adventure into the world of pharmaceuticals, corruption, greed, love, and everything else in human nature. Iyer presses the reader to think in shades of more than just black and white and realize that human nature can be understood as a blessing or a curse– it just depends on how one thinks about it. As with all humans, Max vacillates between pride and shame, love and hate, courage and fear, but what really matters is how Max forgives those around her, especially those that she trusts the most. Iyer’s careful research and attention to detail make The Colossus an unforgettable read.

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