The Dark Tales of Antler Grove by Rand Inskip

Fifty miles west of Denver, Colorado, nestled in the bosom of the majestic Rocky Mountains, there sits a small town called Antler Grove. From the outside, it looks like any other quaint, rural town – the lush landscape of trees, grass, and dirt roads on its outskirts flush inward to the town proper, where local businesses buzz with activity, human traffic, and not-so idle chitchat. But, for those who live in Antler Grove, there’s much more to this small town than meets the eye – strange things have been known to happen from time to time, and certain secrets have been tightly kept…until now. The Dark Tales of Antler Grove by Rand Inskip is a creepy and completely captivating collection of four short stories about the secret goings-on in this mysterious mountain town. From unexpected interactions with tiny tree-dwelling creatures and encounters with ethereal entities, to books that carry on conversations and a mirror that captures more than one’s image, the tales in this delightfully dark work of fiction feature supernatural surprises that will make your jaw drop and leave your spine tingling.

Each story in The Dark Tales of Antler Grove has the power to stand alone, though they are all the more powerful as a collection because of how they are intricately interwoven. The tales are tied together by a common cast of characters and the persistent presence of particular plot points, which presents a comprehensive composite of the town and gives the collection a cozy, albeit chilling, feel. This title is appropriate for readers of all ages, including youngsters. Though scary and shocking for sure, the stories are not too ghastly, gory, or graphic, but, instead, are akin to the type of tales you’d tell around a campfire or incorporate into your litany of local lore and legend. Inskip’s writing is easy to read, refreshing, and thoughtful – and, once you’re done with The Dark Tales of Antler Grove, you’ll be hungry for more, and eagerly awaiting his next title.

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