The Day That Changed My Life – For the Rest of My Life by Rita Dearion

four stars

18145146With little idea of what the future held for her, Rita Dearion led an average life: she was committed to her career, a sales manager at PepsiCo; she was a mother to two teenage daughters; and she was a part-time cheerleading coach.  A confident, attractive woman, everything was going great for Rita – until one fateful night at a school dance where Rita was playing the role of chaperone.  After the dance was over, she stepped outside and saw a fight between two students.  Immediately, she stepped in to help, but in the process of breaking up the fight, Rita was pushed to the ground and her wrist was damaged.  For a full year after the fight, Rita lived with an immobile wrist before deciding to go in for corrective surgery.  Little did she know, but that decision would change Rita’s life completely.  Two days after surgery, Rita had a severe respiratory failure, which doctors attributed to either the medication or the surgery at the time, but was later explained by the asthma medication she was taking.  Years later, her life continued to be affected by the original surgery.  Steroid treatments led to bone loss, which led to more surgeries.  Through it all, though, Rita kept her head held high, finding strength in her family and in her unshakable faith in God.

Dearion’s memoir inspires readers on several levels.  First, there is the story of a woman who has carved out a niche for herself in a world that is dominated by men.  Then, there is the story of a hospital patient whose insatiable curiosity leads her to find her own answers, her confused mind seeking to solve her own mysterious illness.  And, finally, there is the story of a devoted Christian whose commitment to God allows her to keep faith in even the most dire scenarios, proving that positivity is a form of medicine in itself.  Though society places great prestige with doctors and medical professionals, there is still – as Rita discovers during the course of her saga – a great deal that is not known about the world we live in.  Rita’s tale shows that standing strong in the face of uncertainty is the key to living a powerful and successful life.

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