The Deception People by Réal Laplaine


peopleThere are hundreds of conspiracy theories circulating around the world. The CIA owns Facebook, China is building a replica of Washington D.C. in the desert, and the FBI created fake snow and spread it across the South are all real theories. In The Deception People, author Réal Laplaine blends political conspiracy theories into a creative novel. Troy Evans is arrested and placed in psychiatric care after reporting a terrorist threat he discovered while having an out-of-body experience. With the help of a beautiful psychiatrist it is soon discovered the terrorist plot is real, and it originated within America’s government. Now he must fight against time and disbelief to stop the plot, if he can get anyone to listen.

Creativity is what makes this novel so interesting. Blending 9/11 conspiracy, paranormal phenomena, and government intrigue creates a unique story. Unfortunately the creativity gets lost due to technical issues and mediocre writing. Missing words make sentences difficult to understand, and leave the reader going back to the same sentences several times to try and discern what the author is saying. Unnecessarily complex words are also used as a way to make the writing more intellectual. Words and phrases like “recalcitrance” and “bespeak of her true age” are thrown in at random and do not match the otherwise simplistic writing. What the author excels at though is crafting dialogue. Conversations between characters are believable and move the story forward. The reader can easily imagine sitting in a room witnessing discussions between government officials. The Deception People puts forth a unique story, and if the reader can persevere through technical issues they will be rewarded with a few hours of enjoyment.

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