The Destiny by Dianrdrie


The Destiny is a collection of 80 readings given by author Dianrdrie. Coming from the author’s personal shamanic perspective, each of these readings are correlated to a “spirit of herbal” or herb, a “shaman spirit card” and a “generator of aroma” or essential oil. The author shares a paragraph length reading for each of the 80 readings that are said to “absorb into [the] body with their beauty, within the energy essence of flow, giving [the reader] the understanding [he/she] seek[s] and need[s]”. Perhaps, these are channeled readings from the higher self of Dianrdrie, but it is unclear as to what the reader should do with the information about the herbs, cards and aromas. It is also unclear what the readings are for.

Dianrdrie clearly wants to share healing and wisdom, love and light, beauty and joy with the readers of The Destiny. The readings are somewhat poetic in nature, but their lack of fluidity creates a challenging energetic sensation when attempting to read them. Some readers might be able to sit with them and “allow…the feelings…[to] filter through”, while others will feel an energetic block that prevents them from grasping the writings and be left feeling they are just nonsensical words. It truly will be a matter of individuality. The Destiny has such a deep uniqueness that it may be viewed as a positive or a major drawback. Being written in all caps is a definite drawback though. That style places a strain on the eyes and does not allow for the soft, healing energy that the author clearly intends. Perhaps, Dianrdrie could reevaluate the format of The Destiny and share it in a way that helps open higher vibrations for readers to connect with.