The Diamond Head Deception by James Blakley

four stars

diamondLuna Nightcrow is an independent insurance fraud investigator working in Iowa. After closing the crop insurance case, Luna heads to Hawaii for her next job, wheere she has been hired to investigate the sinking of the Indian ocean liner, The Shilpa, and whether the rare diamond the Pacific Splendor was lost at sea. However, Luna is not the only one looking for the diamond that is insured for $15 million. Running into secessionists, sportsmen, and other suspects who are willing to go to great depths to either recover or hide the Pacific Splendor, Luna must find a way to close her case.

James Blakley starts the story off with a bang as the reader meets Luna closing in on an insurance scheme in Iowa. Starting off with conflict and gunfire in the first few pages, readers will be hooked on Luna’s adventures. With mystery, action, and romance The Diamond Head Deception will be a fun read for the audience. Reader friendly writing and short chapter lengths keep the audience’s attention through this fast-paced story. The Diamond Head Deception is an entertaining read and the quick thinking and daring Luna Nightcrow will make readers a fan.

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