The Diary by Nancy Crofoot


diaryOn his way home from work, Mark sees a meteor crash into the Earth. Upon further investigation Mark finds the diary of a young girl. The contents of this diary tell the story of a young girl’s quest to keep her family together. Nora and her family find themselves in an impossible situation. One day they are on their farm and the next thing they know they have been kidnapped by aliens. They must come together and be stronger than they ever have before. Given the opportunity to explore their surroundings, the families find that their fellow captives have been there for many years. Faced with the possibility that they may never escape, the family resolves to make one of the hardest choices they have ever been faced with. Will they be able to pull off their ambitious plan, or will their alien kidnappers discover their plot?

Told with detail and imagination The Diary chronicles one family’s struggle to maintain their identity and sanity. While others around them have lost hope, they find the courage to defy their captors. Crofoot has crafted a compelling story set in a rich foreign landscape. The author has painted a vivid picture of the family’s self-discovery and what they are able to do when they come together. The descriptive imagery and stark comparisons to the zoos we have here on Earth offers a tragic picture for our current zoo residents. While the book’s pace and writing could be improved upon and the slow character development hampers the plot line somewhat, overall the story is an enjoyable and entertaining read.

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