The Diary of a Good Luck Charm by Angelica Daniele

The Diary of a Good Luck Charm is a true account of a love story filled with deceit.  This story jumps around a good deal and leaves the reader confused, but it is coming from the author’s heart and her painful experience.  Focused on the story of a twenty-something female dancer and college student, the reader should expect to see things from the first person perspective.  An independent young woman, who had been so entranced in her career and education, had ignored her romantic life for many years.  Stepping outside of her normal tendency to maintain strict order and responsibility in her life, she met a man who she eventually fell in love with.  This is one of those times when the saying “love is blind” really turns out to be the truth.  No matter how many times Angelica’s lover lied to her she continued to open her heart and cast away as much doubt as possible.  She loved him and continued to give and give.  The reader will be forced to wonder how long the author continued to be sucked into dealing with this, or they will ask themselves if she finally figured out how to walk away from this naïve love and relationship filled with lies.

In this book, it is as though the author, Angelica Daniele, was writing in her diary.  The title, The Diary of a Good Luck Charm, seems quite fitting on the one hand, yet contradicting on the other.  The good luck charm seems to contradict what she experienced overall.  Upon writing down as much of the experience as she deemed appropriate, Daniele opted to share this story with the world.  This means she has opened herself to other’s judgments.  A potential reader must be willing to read a story from only one person’s perspective – a seemingly angry and hurt person.  Reading this story, it is important to remember not to place blame too quickly on others – the deceitful boyfriend or the inexperienced girlfriend.

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