The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading


dragonWith dragon varieties abundant in The Dragon of the Month Club, conjuring them should be without incident. Should is the key word. For Ayana Fall and Tyler Travers, newly inducted members of the secretive and highly regarded Dragon of the Month Club, they find themselves anxiously awaiting the 13th of every month. For on that day, the newest conjuring spell is revealed and a new class of dragon can be called forth. However the location of casting the new dragon summoning-spell is in Tyler’s book cluttered bedroom, what could go wrong…the spell for starters. Ayana and Tyler are magically transported into the worlds present in Tyler’s books, breathing life into to some of literatures most fascinating and iconic stories.

The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading throws open the doors to readers of all ages allowing them to fall in love with this story. If you think dragons are all that this book holds, you will be joyously mistaken. Iain Reading takes the reader on an adventure through the pages of Sherlock Holmes to the dessert planet of Arrakis of Dune to 19th century Germanic fairytales. It can be said with a certain level of distinction and notoriety, that no other book bonds together so many stories in such a fashion that is actually readable and enjoyable at the same time. With the title being The Dragon of the Month Club, many might think this is a book strictly about magic and dragons, yet you will find that what’s inside this book will leave you awe struck.

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