The Dreams by B. Michael Fee


When the President of the United States and numerous other world leaders all fall into a comatose-like sleep at the same time, life as we know it begins to unravel. Top-notch medical teams are assembled around the globe, but none can find a cause, cure, or explanation; investigative agencies are doing their best to discover when, where, and how the leaders were compromised; and, apple-eyed forces within individual governments are eager to take advantage of the political unease around them. But, as bad as all that sounds, it’s nothing compared to what the leaders themselves are going through, in their “unconscious state.” The Dreams by B. Michael Fee is an incredibly diverse work of fiction that incorporates elements from the political thriller, medical suspense, metaphysical, and sci-fi genres. The meat of the story is fleshed out through several different, alternating plot lines, the most compelling of which focuses on the physicians and staff tending to the leaders and on the dreams the leaders are experiencing in their inexplicably sustained slumber. As these story lines progress, The Dreams carries readers through both real and surreal worlds, where metaphysical, moral, and mundane matters are explored in a highly informed and insightful manner. The whole while, the clock is ticking; tensions are mounting; more questions are being asked than answered; and life as we know it continues to unravel…but that may not be a bad thing.

All told, The Dreams by B. Michael Fee is a riveting, fast-paced novel with moments of sheer eloquence and genius; yet those moments, unfortunately, are frequently lost in its writing. The text is full of long run-on sentences and paragraphs that don’t adhere to conventional grammar, punctuation, and syntax standards. Arguably, this unconventional writing style lends to the literary value of Fee’s work and gives it an urgent, on-the-cusp-of-thinking feel. But, at the same time, at times, it makes the plotline downright confusing, particularly where there are multiple characters discussing technical topics. It’s likely that some readers will lose patience trying to sort through the run-ons, difficult dialogue, and sentence splices—but, those who stick around are in for a real treat.

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