The Eater of Laments by Aaron Engelbeck

The Eater of the Laments starts off at a slow pace. Moving through the first chapters the reader is likely to feel confused. Who is the mysterious creature? What is real and what is not? Or, rather what is reality? Yet, if you enjoy reading stories with a plot of war, then this book may be for you. The main character, Joseph, jumps from contemplating his potential regrets in life to planning an attack on the evil Tyrant.  Though he claims, during the encounter with the unknown creature in the beginning, that he has no regrets, the reader will see as the story unfolds that Joseph does have regrets. He has regrets that cause tears to run down his face. Before long the storyline carries the reader back into a scene with the unknown being. This is where more information is fed bit by bit to entice one to turn the page, and find out just what the heck is going on. Then, the scene tosses the reader back into war. This tossing back and forth may entice page turning or it may make the reader a bit seasick.

The author, Aaron M. Engelbeck, floods the imagination with almost too many details in a way that leads to further confusion. It is almost as though he is trying to force feed a picture into the reader’s mind.  If that style of writing does not deter you, as the reader, and if you enjoy reading a war-based story with a touch of science fiction, then you may very well fully enjoy The Eater of the Laments. It certainly has a twist to it with out-of-this-world connections to the main character.

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