The Effects of Love by John Patrick Gatton

The Effects of Love by John Patrick Gatton contains a mixture of over 400 poems, short stories, and anecdotes that offer favorable ideas about how living your life with strong Christian beliefs can be beneficial for both the body and mind. Gatton explores the different ways that Christianity affects our lives, our neighborhoods, and our world as a whole. His book is broken down into twenty-seven different sections, ranging in title from ‘About Jesus and Mary’ to ‘Life is a Journey’ to ‘Poems Honoring People I Know’ and ‘Thoughts About Stuff.’ The content included in this collection ranges through a variety of topics, but the themes that are presented all fit together nicely.

This book works well in the fact that you don’t have to read it from beginning to end in a chronological way. Each part can function as an enjoyable piece of writing on its own, even if not paired together with the other pieces. It seems like this book was mostly written for the author’s family, as he even posts some of their praise in the beginning of the book, but, nevertheless, some of the ideas he offers in his poems and short stories are the kind that apply to all. His writing makes the reader reflect on religion, and how important it is to have faith. There are certain stories and poems that have great merit and cause the reader’s mind to wonder what life is all about. In his book, The Effects of Love, Gatton constructs a work that causes the reader to ponder about their own beliefs.

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