The Essence by Andrea Thornton


Trying to follow the story line is quite confusing from the beginning of The Essence. This makes it a bit challenging to get interested in the book. There is a callousness to murder, as it is just a paid gig for some, while there is an absolute lack of self-respect by others. The reader is enticed with these initial character traits only to be left hanging. Eve, the main character, is youthful, but filled with anger at times, and is exceptionally promiscuous. Engaging in a relationship with Seth leaves her even angrier and disheartened, but then a new roommate, a male roommate, moves in. But, just how did this guy, Cam, really come to be her roomie? What sort of twisted scheme is he involved with?  He is involved in something secretive and sinister, but he has an innocent, nervous edge to him. Wait! Is there something strange about her relationship with Seth? Will Eve end up having a romantic relationship with Cam?

The grammatical errors in this book are quite rampant. It needs a good deal of editing as the errors can actually make it difficult to follow along at times. On top of that, the plot drags and doesn’t make the reader feel a great urge to turn the page. In the beginning, there seemed to be some mystery and intrigue, but the further one reads the more he or she will discover unimportant aspects to the story. These parts of the story leave a lot to be desired.  Little snippets dropped in the middle of chapters hint at the mysterious aspects, but then author, Andrea Thornton, plops the reader back into fairly slow moving scenes. If the reader can hang in there, they just might be surprised at the interesting twists and turns the plot takes. There truly is an interesting story, but it is buried within lackluster details.

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