The Exemeus by Folami Morris and Abeni Morris

four stars

the exemeusFolami and Abeni Morris spin a supernatural tale focused on a young man, Dephon and the woman in his dreams. Just who is the blue haired, multi-color eyed woman in his dreams? When he finds out, even more questions arise. From the very beginning the authors, Folami and Abeni, pull the reader in and leave them waiting with bated breath to turn the next page. Written from the perspective of a teenager, adults and teens alike can thoroughly enjoy this fascinating science fiction story. There is a bit of everything from magic, to mystery, to physical attraction, to keeping secrets from one another, to kidnapping, to military control and impending war.  What more could a reader ask for? If one were to rate The Exemeus, it would get a PG-13 rating. In fact, this story would make a wonderful movie for school age kids.  The authors do a great job of offering colorful and fun details that allow the reader to easily visualize the scenes in his/her mind’s eye.

The Exemeus is extremely well written. With just the right number of characters the story line is clear and easy to follow for the most part. The reader must pay attention though as the story switches back and forth between Dephon and the blue haired woman of his dreams. The story is shared from the first person perspective of Dephon as well as the woman. That is why one must pay close attention, but it is fairly obvious. This exciting story is one that offers hours of thrilling enjoyment. Folami and Abeni know how to craft a story that can hold a reader’s interest until the very end.

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