The First by Kipjo Ewers

Sophia Dennison, a convicted murderer, has just been executed in a facility outside of Houston, Texas. Sophia Dennison thus, is deceased. However, she doesn’t stay that way for long. ‘The First’ by Kipjo Ewers tells the story of a resurrected misunderstood rebel, a heroine in her own right; this is an origin story of what it means to be superhuman. After coming back to life, Sophia creates havoc and escapes the facility that previously held her captive. FBI Agent Mark Armitage arrives on the scene only to witness the destruction Sophia has caused. It’s not long before his pursuit of Sophia begins, as he aims to catch her and understand how in the hell all of this has happened.

This book expertly combines the super-hero genre with elements of science fiction and the idea of humans evolving into something more complex than what they were previously. Sophia’s powers and how they developed over time are reminiscent of how mutants came to exist in the modern world in the classic comic series ‘X-Men.’ The blend of genres creates an engaging world that brings the reader deeply within its realm. The character development of Sophia is well done, showing how she has changed, from a loving wife and neurosurgeon to something else entirely. The book is not without mistakes as it does have some editing errors, but luckily the author’s imagination makes up for some of the polishing that could be used to spruce up this story and make it shine even more. If you’re a fan of origin stories of supernatural beings, or just love a good story about a misunderstood hero, then check out ‘The First’ and follow Sophia on this wild ride that Ewers has dreamt up!

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