The First Tail by T.J. Burgin

The Tails of Two Dragons Trilogy: The First Tail by T.J. Burgin


first tailIn The First Tail, T.J. Burgin re-imagines beloved Arthurian legends as ancient supernatural stories, all contained in mysterious lores, prophecies discoverable to unique beings—the Spooks. Alice is a young Spook , as spunky as she is loyal to those she loves. She takes us across her multiple lives toward reaching immortality, at which point she is fated to become a terribly powerful creature bound to spill blood: the Red Dragon. When Alice begins to understand her lore, unravel her family’s mysteries, and defend herself against The Last Descendants’ dark plans to destroy her, she must take a perilous path to develop her strongest forces from within.

The First Tail catapults readers into fast-paced action sequences, energized by Burgin’s artistic and compelling prose. Readers will enjoy beautiful images that create immersive environments as Alice jumps between distinct eras in time. Relationships between characters veer toward melodramatic at points, but are not unbelievable. Suspense is well-achieved in flashbacks and in present moments; one quickly wonders about each character’s true motivations in this complex tale. Burgin’s creativity is commendable; the Spooks and all manner of creatures in The First Tail are original, and wield magic unlike the many powers that have come before in formulaic fantasy stories. This book is a fun popcorn read perfect for fans of imaginative fantasy!

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