The Flats of Webb’s Cove by Razcr Weed


flattsThe Flats of Webb’s Cove by Razcr Weed provides a firsthand glimpse into the life of an impoverished family of ten in Maine during the 1950s. Weed reflects on the highs and lows of his childhood including the uninsulated three-bedroom house he grew up in, his father’s alcoholism, his mother’s resourcefulness, the happiness he found in nature, his enduring faith, and much more. Photos of family members and illustrations of the era are peppered throughout this short work.

Weed’s personal account of his upbringing helps to illuminate the larger landscape of post-depression society in which families and individuals struggled profoundly. Many details from Weed’s childhood are difficult to conceive of today. For example, when describing his childhood home, Weed lists the basic amenities that his family did without including central heating, plumbing, and running water. Despite all of the hardships that Weed and his family endured, his belief in God remained strong. The Flats of Webb’s Cove points to spirituality as a tool for overcoming obstacles. In addition to his faith, Weed also celebrates his mother and her dedication to his family. Weed’s gratitude for his faith and his family is incredibly moving and at moments his writing turns deeply poetic. When reflecting on the passing of his beloved mother, Weed writes, “We all come into this world like one of a kind snowflake in a northeast blizzard of snow. When God is ready, he melts the snow and one by one we each disappear. Where does all the melted snow go?” Despite his eloquent voice, Weed’s writing provides only very brief snapshots into his childhood experiences. Sharing more detailed stories from his early years, instead of such a broad overview, would strengthen The Flats of Webb’s Cove immensely by giving readers a larger window into Weed’s impoverished upbringing and the person he has become.

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