The Forgotten American (Shattered Dreams) by Paula B. Compton

four stars

forgottenThe Forgotten American (Shattered Dreams) is the story of Paula B. Compton’s life. She writes about her failed marriage, which fell apart after years of physical and emotional abuse. She shares about her ex-husband becoming estranged from his own daughter. She also shares about her experience with miscarriage. Facing more pain and hardships than one person should have to, Paula found a way to find peace and comfort in her story. Encouraged by her daughter to write down the stories of her life, Paula is sharing them so that other survivors of discrimination, abuse, and domestic violence might understand they are not alone and there is always hope.

A true survival story, The Forgotten American (Shattered Dreams) tells the heart-wrenching tale of Paula B. Compton’s life. Bravely writing about the struggles she has gone through, Paula is helping others with similar experiences. A well-written memoir, the reader will be able to immediately hear Compton’s voice as the teller of her own story. Split into three main parts, Compton focuses on three distinct experiences in her past. Short chapter lengths help with the pacing of the stories as readers are given an in-depth look at her life. Compton shares her feelings in this honest memoir that readers will certainly identify and empathize with.

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