The Furry Alarm Clock by Jeanne Lintner


Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 11.20.17 AMAn illustrated children’s book about an elementary class sharing stories of their pets, The Furry Alarm Clock written by Jeanne Lintner and illustrated by Kathy Adamek follows a young girl named Kate. When her fellow classmates begin to tell tales of their special pets, Kate starts to feel self-conscious that her pet will not live up to the hype of the others. We hear stories about a fluffy bunny named Hopper who old people love to pet at the care center because he is so soft, a colorful fish that looks like a beautiful rainbow named Splash who won an award at the county fair, and a pig named Ziggy who helped notify his family about a dangerous fire. When it’s Kate’s turn, she tells the class about her cat Cindy, who she warmly refers to as her furry alarm clock since the cat always wakes her up each morning. Even though she doesn’t feel like she has such a special pet in comparison to her classmates, her fellow students tell her that all animals are special in their own ways.

The overall story and illustrations in the book are entertaining, and young readers are sure to enjoy hearing tales about fun pets, but there are some issues in the book that could be improved upon. The story is told in a rhyming scheme, and although it is fun to read, there are many times when the phrasing is a bit awkward, as words are moved around in strange orders to ensure that there is a rhyme at the end of each line. This causes a bit of confusion that you don’t want present in a children’s book. The book’s cover is also a bit misleading, as it only shows pictures of alarm clocks, and with the title, many readers will be led to believe it is a book that is actually about a furry alarm clock, which is certainly not the case. The overall message and story presented here is a fun and important one, and with further editing and refining, the book could shine to its full potential.