The Garden of Good and Eden by Paulette Oakes

In the novel, ‘The Garden of Good and Eden’ by Paulette Oakes, the reader is introduced to a young woman by the name of Eden Daire, who has always felt as if she was different from everyone else around her. Adopted by a large Catholic family in Kentucky as a little girl, Eden has always felt out of place, but it’s not just due to the fact that she wasn’t raised by her biological parents. You see, Eden has powers that grant her abilities to perform amazing feats that no one else can achieve. She has the gift to make plants grow at an alarming rate, can talk with other animals as if they speak English and can even heal them when their bodies are ailing. Her adoptive family is unable to give Eden the answers to the questions she aims to solve, and her best friend Amara isn’t much help either. Everything changes the night before her twenty-fifth birthday however, when the secrets to her abilities are revealed. Mythical creatures appear and profess a prophecy that claims Eden is the one who will bring about a new order that will destroy kingdoms. As if that wasn’t enough, another threat is aiming to overtake her family and she’s the only one who can stop it’s damaging path from going on.

In this gripping magical tale, Eden has to find a way to balance her powers and the responsibility that comes with them, while trying to make sure that her adoptive family’s lives aren’t at risk. It’s not an easy task, and so arises the quandary that the main character of this engrossing narrative has to undertake. Oakes has a very inventive imagination, which is clear from the descriptions on the page that paint a mystical picture about the scenarios that her fantastical characters undergo. This is a great starting point for what is sure to be a very spellbinding series, complete with a fully dimensional lead such as Eden Daire to lead the way, it’s bound to be an engaging ride.

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