The Gemini Conspiracy by Keith W. Reiss

The Gemini Conspiracy by Keith W. Reiss

9781482091755_p0_v1_s260x420Sex, science, and sabotage abound in this political thriller from newcomer Keith W. Reiss.  After a routine MRI scan turns up a previously unobserved scientific anomaly between a young pair of twins, NASA quietly launches a small research project to more closely examine the “Gemini Effect” and apply its findings to future space programs.  But soon the boys are whisked away by NASA’s more nefarious enemies, a group of turncoats and terrorists who intend to use the boys for a far darker purpose.  It becomes the task of Glen Cannon, an adulterous but fiercely intelligent genetics expert, and his tempting young assistant, Ginny Blaine, to follow the kidnapped boys’ trail and snuff out the growing terrorist threat before Glen’s enemies are able to enact their terrible scheme.  Along the way, Glen and Ginny are waylaid by a series of shocking discoveries and betrayals that threaten to end their very lives.

Reiss has crafted a well-told page-turner in the tradition of classic American spy stories. The Gemini Conspiracy boasts an impressive array of characters – scientists, spies, politicians – who all lend their voices to an interesting, fast-paced story that starts off simple but soon explodes into kaleidoscopic chaos after the full effects of the Gemini Effect are uncovered.  The novel centers on the thought-provoking concept of telepathy and explores the possible applications of such a significant scientific breakthrough in a polished and well-structured manner.  Reiss does an excellent job of juggling the novel’s focus between each of his characters, which serves to keep the action fresh and the conflict compelling.  What’s more, the chemistry between Reiss’ protagonists is so palpable that it adds an extra layer of taut and torrid emotion to an already thrilling tale.  Though the conflict is admittedly a bit difficult to follow at times – and a few of the characters’ motivations might have been explained more thoroughly – The Gemini Conspiracy will more than satisfy any reader’s taste for intelligent speculative fiction.

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