The Hat by Babette Hughes

Kate had always been a grownup. Her runaway father and alcoholic mother saw to that. Not one to back down, Kate learned to rise to every challenge. She fought her way through school while working to keep herself and her mother alive. So when the Great Depression hits it is the worst possible scenario for everyone, but for Kate it means the end of the dreams she had worked so hard for, a chance to go to college and be a writer.  When Ben Gold walks into her life at the exact moment she is fired from her job, it seems like a godsend. She didn’t realize until that moment how much she needed to feel taken care of for a change. The girlhood fantasy of being saved and swept off her feet by a charming, dashing man is just too good to pass up. Kate soon finds out that just because something smells like a rose, doesn’t mean it is one. Inexplicably drawn in to a life of intrigue, murder, and betrayal, Kate attempts to find herself in the darkness encroaching on her sanity. Tragedy strikes, ripping away the veil of her life as Kate begins to see her world for what it is, a façade covered by a web of lies.

A beautiful and well-crafted story, The Hat will make you think and re-examine your own life circumstances.  It is a grab you by the heart strings and wring out your tears kind of book.  In short, it is well worth the read and Babette Hughes is a very talented author who we look forward to following to see what she comes up with next.

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