The Hell That I’ve Made for Myself by Matthew Burke

The Hell That I’ve Made For Myself by Matthew Burke is an honest reflection on life as a bipolar drug addict. Whether you’re living with bipolar disorder or are battling a drug addiction, you’ll be able to relate to this story as it is very accurate of a typical person struggling with either problem.  From taking prescription medications to shopping sprees to feeling like you’re constantly being watched, Burke captures the essence of life for a person fighting their own personal demons. He tells the brutally honest story of his life and his struggle to overcome his addiction. After several attempts of rehabilitating himself, he finally beats the drug addiction after spending some time in a mental facility. His story gives hope to those who are currently trying to become ‘clean.’

Burke’s honesty allows readers to relate to his story. His struggle makes this story believable. The best part of this biography is that he illustrates how to combat your own personal demons. He does this by talking about his challenges and how difficult it was to get to where he is today. By being honest and letting others know that he kept relapsing, it gives addicts hope, that they too, will eventually overcome their addiction. While the story is an inspiration, there were quite a few grammatical errors throughout the read. Nevertheless, grammar aside, the story is a courageous step forward to help others battling mental illness or drug addiction. By sharing his perspective of drug addiction and bipolar disorder, Burke can help people overcome their demons one reader at a time.