The Hill Brothers Trilogy by Troy Lee Henderson


The Hill Brothers Trilogy by Troy Lee Henderson is group of stories surrounding the three Hill brothers- Simon, Darien, and Edwin- and the relationship between dragons and humans. In Eathed (Book 1) the young boys are exploring when they discover a cave which just begs to be explored. Inside they find a dragon curled up asleep, and run terrified to tell everyone what they’ve seen. Eathed the dragon is old and sick. All he wants is to die in peace, but once the boys find him that doesn’t seem likely. Luckily for Eathed nobody seems to believe the boys, but they still send an old knight to investigate. The ensuing confrontation makes Simon realize that maybe dragons aren’t so bad after all. The two strike up an unlikely friendship that changes how Simon sees the world and dragons. In Erian’s Lair (Book 2), Simon has been away studying for two years when he gets news that his parents have died and his brothers evicted from their farm. In order to spare his brothers from having to work under a master, Simon presents an outrageous plan. He wants to find one of Eathed’s children and prove to humans that dragons aren’t evil. Many adventures await them on their journey, but eventually the brothers find what they are looking for…another dragon. Affaron is the final book in The Hill Brothers Trilogy. Still trying to make peace between humans and dragons, Simon and his brothers are living as fugitives on Affaron.  It seems that neither race is really up for the challenge, but there are those willing to try. Eventually they receive word about a traitor in their midst. Someone they trusted has deceived them. Somehow Simon has to warn the king and find a way to prevent the coup without getting Erian (or himself) killed.

These books are nothing short of charming. They are not very long, but they are chocked full of detail, adventure, and fantasy. These books are great for children and adults; they have everything needed to entertain all. Despite the length you definitely do not feel cheated or feel that the story does not reach a satisfying conclusion. It is not your typical “knight vs dragon” story. Troy Lee Henderson has brought a refreshing twist to this timeless tale. The story of Simon wanting to make peace between dragons & humans is heartwarming and well written. There is also the added bonus of a few sneakily inserted morals that we sometimes need to be reminded of. All in all, The Hill Brothers Trilogy is just plain good: great writing, believable characters, and a fun story. You will not regret reading these books, and you will definitely want to share them with others.

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