The Hippity Dippity Witch by Lorraine O’Byrne


witchThis children’s chapter book tells the story of two girls, one an average girl named Jenny, and the other, a witch with magical powers named Marigold. The plot kicks off with Jenny deciding to skip school in fear of doing badly on a spelling test that is set to take place that day. She decides instead to enter into the woods, which just so happen to be enchanted, and is horrified to find that the area has been completed devastated. The creatures in the forest cower in terror at the dark magic that has been used here. It’s not long until the reader finds out that this magic has been created by the hands of Marigold Dimple, a ten year old witch from Elderwood. Marigold, like Jenny, is also having problems at school, as she is not doing very well at the Magic Academy at which she is enrolled. Thus why she has been lashing out on the forest, as she makes her way to visit her Aunt Griselda. The paths of the two girls collides, and from their first meeting, it is clear that nothing will ever be the same for either of them again.

The first book in a planned series, this is the perfect kind of book for young children to tackle if they are ready to start reading longer pieces of fiction. O’Byrne writes in a way that is both easily accessible for young readers, entertaining them with her multi-layered, yet not overly complicated story. Coupled with lovely illustrations by Laura Martin, the book is a well put together story that will appeal to many. By offering every day lessons that can apply to all children, the author succeeds at teaching morals while also entertaining the reader, which is the best any children’s book can offer. We look forward to seeing where Marigold and Jenny end up next in the upcoming sequels.

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