The Horse Angels by Mark Neihart


The Horse Angels by Mark Neihart is a realistic story about a small family of equestrians. The tale starts by showing readers a glimpse of the strained relationship between the mother and father of a preteen girl. Anne, the mother, had just lost a competition, and her lack of anger management is very apparent as she fires a trainer that her husband recommended. Her daughter, Sam, is then introduced as she witnesses her mother’s rage. The story then switches focus to the husband/father, Simon, as he prepares for his own competition. It’s shown that he has a lot of faith in the horse he’s riding, whom he has a deep connection with, and is very confident that he will win the race. There’s an unexpected plot twist which will take readers on an emotional roller coaster. Then, there is a time skip as chapter two begins, this time focusing on Sam’s training with a horse of her own. Anne tries teaching Sam her own training methods, but Sam feels a connection to the horse similar to her father’s, which starts a conflict between mother and daughter.

The Horse Angels is filled with descriptive imagery that will transport readers directly into the scene taking place. Horse lovers and equestrians will love this tale about a girl growing up with a love for riding. The author shows how important horses have been in human lives, and will make readers want to start horseback riding as well! There were some instances where the author would put too much emphasis on a point, making it hard to focus on much else, but overall, it is a wonderfully written tale that nearly anyone can enjoy.

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