The House of Dark Shadows by Digger Cartwright

four stars

Digger Cartwright’s The House of Dark Shadows is a mind-bending, psychological thriller. Alex Rommel is a business savvy, attractive, charismatic, twenty-five year old living in the beautiful and historic Charleston, South Carolina. He is emotionally recovering from the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend. Upon an unexpected encounter with an old college friend and his new fiancé, who he met online, Alex is convinced to give love another shot. He signs up for an online dating service and immediately finds a gorgeous French woman named Hope. Thus, begins their wild and confusing relationship. Although Hope intoxicates Alex, she and her family may not be all they seem. At the same time, Alex is struggling with maintaining a highly desired plot of land that he owns. A large business company wants to purchase it from him in order to expand their project. Events happen and questions surface that make Alex begin to wonder if his business dealings and love life have become intimately intertwined.

The House of Dark Shadows is a slow burn. The first half of the novel is quite uneventful, simply following Alex’s day-to-day life as he negotiates his relationships and business deals. However, as secrets are revealed the pace picks up consistently, allowing one to breeze through the last one hundred fifty pages as the reader will feel the urge to need to know what happens next. The end’s twists will leave the reader reeling in shock and awe. The only issue with Cartwright’s novel is it doesn’t cleanly tie up some of the final plot points. There are some questions that are never fully addressed by the book’s close, nevertheless, this is an interesting read.

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