The House of Three Murders by Gary George

Gary George’s The House of Three Murders is a poignant and elegantly written novel about how a small, seemingly unimportant decision can drastically change the whole course of a life. When Johnny, Judy, and Ade decide to skip the homecoming bonfire for their middle-of-nowhere high school in Smoke Tree, they have no idea that it is a decision they will remember, regret, and consider for the rest of their lives. When Sixto sits down next to Charlie at a bar, Charlie has no idea that his life will take an unexpected turn, one that may end up with him losing his freedom, and never be the same. George’s writing is both simple and powerful, creating realistic characters whose relatable struggles with heartbreak, loss, and other teenage trials easily tug on heart strings and weigh on minds.

The House of Three Murders is more than just a narrative of high school mistakes and missteps, it is a commentary on racism, fairness, the effectiveness of the judicial system, and what it is like to be and become an outsider. It urges the reader to consider the events that shape lives, create identities, and provide individuals with life-changing opportunities. The House of Three Murders is a novel that everyone should read because it provides thoughtful insight into different identities, cultures, and families. George’s novel highlights the importance of all decisions and actions because no matter how insignificant they may initially seem, these are the decisions that could win the football game, make someone happy, tear a family apart, provide access to college, or ruin a life.

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