The Hum by Sharon Mikeworth

four stars

THumevLee Bennett and his wife Shelby have just moved into a house in the country, so Lee expects life to slow down for the couple. But something is happening in the woods behind their house – something not of this world. After following the trail of an inexplicable noise, Lee comes face to face with a horror beyond description. Can he believe his own eyes? Or is it a mere hallucination? Meanwhile, a mysterious girl has been seen around town, though no one knows a thing about her. Where did she come from? And why did she show up right when the trouble all started?

The Hum is a well-paced thriller that punches through into unexpected territory as the story progresses. Taking inspiration from futuristic films like Twelve Monkeys, Mikeworth’s novel expertly blends mystery with science fiction, plunging her characters into a world teeming with very real terrors. While Lee himself is a fascinating character, the true star of the show here is Tia, the young stranger from out of town who is somehow tied to everything that is going on. Mikeworth ties her characters together with common interests: the desire for safety, for family, and for warmth and love. The Hum is a hybrid horror tale that is as much about the dark, unexplored corners of our planet as it is about the undying light in all our hearts.