The Hunted by Peter Clenott

Best Book of the Month – September 2013

The steamy jungles of Brazil – and all of its many hidden secrets and dangers – come alive in this action-packed adventure from Peter Clenott.  “The Hunted” tells the story of Suyape, a young and confident woman, and the last surviving member of a forest-dwelling tribe known as “the Ipanao,” whose mysterious genetic origins have puzzled scientists since the tribe’s initial discovery over a decade ago.  After her mother’s death, Suyape is adopted by an idealistic couple from Brazil and spends her childhood as a citizen of the United States, far away from the rainforests where she was first born.  Now, at the cusp of young adulthood, Suyape realizes that the Ipanao may not be as dead as she once thought.  What’s more, they appear to be calling out to her, across continents and across time.

“The Hunted” was such a pleasure a read, thanks to its winningly plucky protagonist and the great care that Clenott has taken to convey the Brazilian rainforest’s myriad inhabitants, both benign and otherwise.  The novel’s various themes – for example, the importance of family, the give and take between nature and human industry, and the unfailing, but sometimes reckless, progress of science – are sure to resonate with readers young and old.  In addition, Clenott does a great job of setting up drama early, so that by the time Suyape grows aware of her own predicament, the reader has already become familiar with the many obstacles set against her.  All in all, “The Hunted” is a fine book that will draw you into its expertly imagined world and inspire you with its unbridled optimism.

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