The Illusion by Patrick Garry

four stars

illusionA psychological thriller that follows Luke Sellmer as he aims to build the perfect life for himself, all the while grappling with the demons from his dark and troubled past, The Illusion is the kind of novel that will keep you guessing until the last page. Working as an investment banker, Luke is aiming to make his way to the top, as he worms his way into the elite society to which his fiancé Lauren’s family is a part of. As the complicated layers of his life unravel, he becomes a partner to a rising political star, is exposed to a murder charge, and uncovers a damning social scandal. Luke has to try to balance his ambition with the danger that seemingly lurks at every corner. As the narrative moves toward Luke and Lauren’s wedding, Lauren deals with issues of her own, as her insecurities unravel, potentially threatening all of Luke’s hopes and goals along the way.

The present storyline that is the main focus of the novel is interspersed with flashbacks to Luke’s troubled past, allowing the reader to get backstory on why Luke behaves the way he does, revealing more and more surprising information that builds palpable tension as the narrative wanes on. Garry succeeds at creating a complex story, interesting characters, and twists that will be sure to pull readers along for this tumultuous ride. The relationship between Luke and Lauren is multifaceted and brings a great amount of drama to the tale. The Illusion is perfectly titled, as many times throughout the story the reader is bound to ask themselves what is true and what is pure fantasy. To get to the bottom of who Luke truly is, and what he really wants, you’ll have to keep reading until the bitter end.

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