The Imperfect Perfection by Joseph Lingerfelt

The Imperfect Perfection is a collection of poetry by Joseph Lingerfelt. Filled not only with poetry, but written passages of reflective prose, personal anecdotes, and various photographs of nature and the author’s family members, this book offers a little bit of everything to the reader. As Lingerfelt states in his introduction, he was inspired to write this book by his fiancée Patty. Inspirational and religious in nature, there are life memories included in each chapter. The poet hopes that his words will help others through the tough times they are faced with. Being able to express himself through words has helped the author put his past behind him, and move forward in life. The book is split into seven chapters: The New Beginning, Life Lessons and Journeys, Past Struggle ‘The New Life,’ Natural Comparison, Religious, Personal and Touching, and Family. With over one hundred poems in this collection, there is an abundance of poems to read and ponder over.

This kind of poetry is very specific in the way it is presented, as it is more of an insight into the author’s life and what he has gone through than anything else. His main goal is to offer help to others though his words, and this is primarily achieved by the structure and how the book is organized. Focusing mostly on family, the outdoors, and God, Lingerfelt displays his passion and zest for life in the poems that he has written, offering out fragments of how he sees the world to anyone who reads his work.