The Janus Conspiracy by Michael Davies

The Janus Conspiracy kicks off with young dreams blossoming amidst a violent war as two brothers – Russian soldiers – discover an opportunity that can make them rich if only they can make it to America. Fast forward sixty-plus years from the time of Hitler and dive into a world of conspiracy being spread along the airwaves via American radio right-wing talk shows and beyond. Is it possible that a deep conspiracy to create a New America was spawned in the imagination of two young men? Is it possible that they were willing to dedicate their entire lives to see this come to fruition? Yet, one man recognizes the deceit and begins efforts to uncover the truth. Unfortunately, he ends up running for his freedom, and his life.

The Janus Conspiracy is a page-turner; therefore, one can overlook the minor grammatical errors, misspellings or typos that may pop up, occasionally, as the story is quite compelling. There is a long list of characters, which can be confusing at times. Yet, this adds to the depth of the plot. Get ready, because Michael Davies takes you on an intense thrill ride of innocent citizens being murdered, powerful criminals in high-ranking positions controlling aspects of the CIA, DEA and Congress, secret organizations trying to gain control and closets filled with skeletons. If this storyline doesn’t put fear in your heart, it will most likely make you intensely angry. Either way, the concepts in The Janus Conspiracy will have your mind spinning with the possibilities. Will America survive this upheaval? Is it possible that this could happen in real life? Or…is this just a fascinating tale to sit back and enjoy? If you enjoy reading thrillers and stories that make you think, then this book is for you.

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