The Kingdom of Oceana by Mitchell Charles

four stars

kingdomBrothers always fight, but not quite like Nahoa and Ailani. Fighting between brothers is different when the brothers are princes, heirs to the throne of Oceana. While the two brothers have always had a tenuous relationship fraught with the everyday disputes that siblings encounter, things become even more difficult after Nahoa convinces Ailani to come with him to Waimoku Falls. Waimoku Falls is one of the most forbidden and cursed places on the big island and it is here that Nahoa and Ailani hasten their journey into manhood and destiny. Kingdom of Oceana by Mitchell Charles describes Hawaii five centuries before the modern day. This lush, beautiful, and largely untouched place is brimming with history, myths, and magic. As Nahoa and Ailani journey into manhood they must also choose to protect the integrity of the island and its people or to barter away its natural riches in the name of progress and wealth.

The Kingdom of Oceana is truly a page turner, constantly leaving the reader wanting to know what is just around the corner and how a problem will be solved. Our only complaint is that we were left wanting more. More of the island’s history, more details about the cyclical nature of the families who rule the island, and more journeys. This lack of build up to events can make some things seem very abrupt and without enough explanation. However, The Kingdom of Oceana is truly a pleasure to read and we can easily envision it being transformed into a successful animated film.

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