The Last Drop by Andrea Perno

The Last Drop by Andrea Perno will have you pinned to your seat and gripping the edge.  With intense and graphic detail Perno paints you a picture that will put fear in your belly and tug at your heartstrings.  Moving through the storyline you will feel the dirt on your skin and grit in your throat, but the author also quenches your thirst with sparkling, crystal clear water.  Be prepared for shock and deep sadness throughout the plot as well as an innate desire for power and control from many of the characters.  Working together as a whole instead of conquering other societies and taking over is a prominent theme within The Last Drop.  Earth’s water supply becomes used up, and traveling to another inhabitable planet seems the only possibility of survival.  Yet, the water supply is not what some think it is on the new planet, and the natives are not pleased at the arrival of Earthlings.

Andrea Perno offers you a very well written and colorfully imaginative tale within The Last Drop.  You, the reader, are given numerous details to better understand the what, the why, the where, and the how of the story from beginning to end.  There are most certainly graphic and sometimes gory details, but this style of writing takes you further into the mind of the main character, Avery.  As the story is written from Avery’s point of view, Perno does a fabulous job of helping you feel Avery’s pain, and see, hear, smell, and taste his environment.  If you enjoy reading science fiction and don’t mind the gory details, you will love this book.  Make note that after reading it, you will probably want a cool and refreshing glass of ice water.

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