The Last Eucharist: A True War Story by Ian King


A delightfully macabre blend of the sardonic and the inane, the intellectual and the absurd, the beautiful and the revolting, The Last Eucharis: A True War Story by Ian King takes an impressive and memorable stab at the Vietnam War, politics, and mankind as a whole. Irreverently handling coarse language alongside of scenes involving haunting sexual encounters and oftentimes heartbreaking violence, King constructs a style all to himself, blending serious philosophical and political points with slap-stick humor and a great deal of flatulence. The Last Eucharist follows Sally Graham’s illustrious and ill-fated pursuit of the mystery behind the history of a Vietnam veteran vaguely identified as Thomas. Not knowing the cosmic consequences her determination would wreak, Sally follows the lie-littered trail of Thomas all the way to Vietnam itself, where adventures and relationships await her which she could never have foreseen.

King’s work is not for the delicate reader, nor for those with a sensitive gag reflex. The introductory section involving the entry of Thomas as a character is rife with foul language, perturbing sex, and cheeky treatment of religious doctrine. That is not to say that the journey, while it might leave you feeling dirtier than before, isn’t worth traveling. King effortlessly meshes critical discourse on complex topics involving American politics, the Christian religion, war criminalities, struggles of the handicapped, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- to name a few. With a cynical voice powerfully backed by scenes of trauma, dishonesty, and horror, King raises questions of the deepest nature while simultaneously impertinently laughing at the importance we place on them. In The Last Eucharist readers are in for, while not necessarily a pleasurable tale, certainly one to stir the mind and the soul.

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