The Last Sin by James C. Nwabueze


The Last Sin by James C. Nwabueze starts off with a very confusing opening scene. It is quite hard to follow. Yet, the reader can grasp that the devout Christian believers and those who oppose the idea of Heaven and Hell are at a point of intense conflict. One could say this isn’t a new occurrence, however, this is the core theme for Nwabueze’s story. One might even call it a war. This story is filled with pastors and bishops engaging in the exact sins they preach against day in and day out. Sexual escapades and affairs abound. At times the deeply faithful even begin to doubt their trust in God or in the things they have been taught. Throughout the story the characters face challenges around their own sexuality and sexual desires. They genuinely believe these feelings and desires make them sinners if they were not already sinners. They continue to ask for guidance and help from God to forgive them and support them in avoiding the temptations of the flesh. Nearly every character experiences deep turmoil to the point of weeping as they try to understand and balance their desires with their perceptions of God’s views about sex.

There is a strong theme within this story that sex, in almost any form, is a sin. The author places exceptionally strong Christian beliefs within the majority of the characters. The story line is a bit confusing at times while the secrets and apparent sins abound. In fact, there are points where it really seems as though there are two stories instead of just one. If the reader has the patience to stay with the story, they will discover how it all comes together in the end.

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