The Legacy Rule by J. Nathan

The Legacy Rule by J. Nathan, Ph.D.


legacyJ. Nathan, Ph.D. really lays down a powerful and strong case for making dramatic changes in how we live our lives in his non-fiction book, The Legacy Rule. His view is that if we do not make a number of huge shifts in how we treat our planet and how we think, the world as we know it will drastically come to an end by the end of this century. In fact, he suggests that the world will return to far more basic ways of living. He makes a powerful point about over-population of Earth. This is the core theme of the book. The planet’s resources are severely being diminished and they are not infinite. Nathan states that people are oblivious to what will happen due to exponential growth. They do not realize there is a tipping point at which time things will take a devastating downturn. He really dives into the results of having less people on Earth, and promotes the concept of implementing The Legacy Rule: “Love all the children you can, but create no more than one or two if you as yet have none.”

With a long background in psychology and scientific studies, author, J. Nathan, Ph.D., offers the reader a great deal of insightful information to support his point of view. At the same time, he makes it quite clear in the beginning that he realizes not everyone will read the entire book; therefore, he tells the reader where the best stopping places are within the book if one is not opting to read it in its entirety. The Legacy Rule is not a book to be viewed as academic or scholarly writing. However, it is very well written and jam-packed with information. If one wants future generations to live healthy, happy lives, then taking the time to read, ponder and perhaps, take action on the concepts and information shared in this book is well worth it.

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