The Legend of Wild Horse Beach by Bronwen Webb


Bronwen Webb’s The Legend of Wild Horse Beach begins with a brief glimpse into the past, as two dragons from opposing clans, Zebedia, and Ice Clan prince, and Sciathie, a Fire Clan princess, desperately try to escape the bounty hunters hired by Zebedia’s father, sent to kill the two young lovers. They flee to Serennis, a “mythical island of sanctuary” through the magic gateway, and seem to have escaped those who would do them harm. Zebedia is elated, but Sciathie seems less sure that they are safe. The story quickly shifts to the present day, where Millie, Kate, and Tom are chasing Millie’s sister, Lucinda, who has mischievously stolen Kate’s backpack. When they finally catch up to Lucinda, they are astounded to see her with what appears to be a unicorn. The unicorn says something to Lucinda, who seems to agree, then mounts the unicorn and flies away, despite Millie’s increasingly urgent cries to stop. Millie, Kate, and Tom begin a dangerous mission to get Lucinda back, while Lucinda is on a mission of her own: protecting a herd of unicorns from Merradagh the witch. Eventually, the children will work together in a frantic attempt to free the unicorns and themselves from Merradagh’s clutches. Along the way, they meet Zebedia, who has also been hurt by Merradagh and will also need the children’s help.

Webb’s story will have readers on the edge of their seats with this action-packed, well-written tale. Webb’s descriptive prose is beautifully structured but easy to follow. The ending of this story will leave the reader wanting more and, luckily, it seems there are yet more stories to be told.

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