The Legends of Demetria: Book I by R.S. Compton

The Legends of Demetria is a story about Volic, whose father dies by the sword of an enemy. Committed to seeking revenge, for his father’s sudden death, he heads off to take the Tai-Zerjin Trials so that he will gain the power needed to fight the King and his army men. To reach the Trials, Volic needs to survive the dangerous Valley of Ash forest where he encounters vicious animals like white panthers. After surviving the journey, he is informed, by Elder Dijiri, that the Trials are challenging and a small percentage of people are able to complete them. In order to successfully complete the challenges up ahead, Volic will need to be able to suppress his rage and understand that revenge isn’t the best approach. Volic, confident in his capabilities, decides to face and beat the Trials, which test his character and challenge him to control his anger.

This plot of this story has been carefully crafted to deliver a positive message about controlling your anger. The theme is brought up through several characters that strive to teach Volic that seeking revenge is unwise. Towards the end of the book, a surprising plot twist occurs, which helps Volic learn how to suppress his rage. The author has brilliantly created an imaginary world that is fun for readers to envision.  His strong use of descriptive language allows you to get in on the action. The only downside to this book is that it ended too soon. However, it has a strong potential for a viable sequel.

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