The Life and Times of Birdie Mae Hayes: Friends Forever by Jeri-Anne Agee

The Life and Times of Birdie Mae Hayes: Friends Forever by Jeri-Anne Agee is about an eight year old girl who lives in Rainbow, Alabama with her family. The narrative follows the adventures of Birdie Mae and her best friend Sally Rose Hope. Birdie Mae has the strange ability to predict when she thinks something bad is going to happen, and unfortunately for her, this feeling comes about on the first day of school when she begins the third grade. Even though her day back to school does not turn out how she intended it to be, with courage and perseverance, and the support of her best friend Sally Rose Hope, Birdie Mae learns that growing up is not always easy, but regardless of the struggles we all face, it is easier to get through the tough times when you have a friend at your side.

The book is divided into eleven short chapters, with black and white illustrations included to help accentuate the story. This would be a great book for middle grade readers as it is longer than the average picture book, but just short enough that it can be read quickly by children. It teaches valuable lessons about friendship and how standing up for yourself and those you care about can often have undesirable consequences. Agee blends in her love for the South into the narrative and creates a relatable character with Birdie Mae. This book could definitely be the beginning of an endearing series that children of various ages could enjoy with their parents, or by reading it on their own.

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