The Long Goodbuy by Lee John Wyper

The Long Goodbuy by Lee John Wyper is a novella that tells the story of Joe Clancy as he attempts to escape the pain of losing his wife. Grief-stricken, Joe leaves his home only days after losing his wife to cancer. Leaving his sister-in-law, Meg, in charge of his home he sets off on his motorcycle with no particular destination in mind – his only goal is to escape. He eventually finds himself in what appears to be a quaint small-town and, after being befriended by a gorgeous blonde, Karen, decides to spend the night at a local inn. Despite a less-than-warm welcome from the majority of the townspeople, he finds himself unable to leave and spends his days with Karen and his nights at the pub. What he doesn’t realize is that the town is full of secrets – secrets that Karen refuses to share and that he may not be able to escape from.

The Long Goodbuy is full of intrigue. What appears at first to be the story of a grieving husband quickly turns in to so much more – a love story turned thriller. The story had the set-up to become a fantastic thriller or mystery but, unfortunately, fell a little short. Very little in the story, particularly Joe’s grief, the secrets of the town, and the characters in general, were given the opportunity to fully develop. Certain aspects of the plot came from nowhere and were, at times, difficult to follow which was disappointing as the plot was fascinating. However, overall the story itself was still good. The reader will quickly find themselves swept away in the narrative, particularly towards the middle and end, as the stakes are raised and everything begins to fall together. The Long Goodbuy keeps readers guessing until the last page, it’s a great choice for those who enjoy reading thrillers about small-town secrets with a twist.