The Lord’s Firefighter by Troy Lee Colvin


lord'sFollowing the life of Hunter Jackson, Troy Lee Calvin meshes firefighter culture and lingo with evangelical Christian faith in his text The Lord’s Firefighter. Hunter faces a string of harrowing events in his line of duty as both a firefighter and a Christian. These events test not only his physical strength but also his spiritual, as well as the faith of those surrounding him. Calvin offers detailed conversations and explanations for the Christian religion through the dialogue of his characters, all of which are strung together by a primary plot with a cold-blooded antagonist. Hunter’s life, and the lives of those he loves, are threatened by a deadly arsonist with even deadlier help. The Lord’s Firefighter weaves supernatural elements into a realist story of faith, offering advice not only for a Christian’s day-to-day struggles, but also for the Christian’s violent spiritual battles, with a touch of southern atmosphere and charm.

Christians may find this novel a useful tool in remembering key points to use in evangelical dialogues with non-Christian friends. Calvin covers topics in Christian life ranging from marriage to materialism to apologetics and proffers powerful encouragement for those who might be straying from their professed faith. For the non-Christian, however, The Lord’s Firefighter will unlikely grab or hold any attention. The plot is thick with holes and the supernatural nature of the villains may alienate potential non-religious audiences. There are also some perplexing implications about Christianity that emerge in the backdrop of the villain’s rise to infamy. Readers will be strung along from fire scene to fire scene, and without a previously-existing attentiveness to Christian doctrine, which fills the rest of the dialogue and plot, there will be little to engage a long-lasting interest.

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