The Lost Love by Mohammad Saeed Habashi


lostStarting in Copenhagen, and spanning far across the globe to locales such as Tehran and Los Angeles, The Lost Love is an engrossing work of fiction that follows multiple characters on their quests of self-discovery. Arranged as a collection of short stories that share similar themes and ideology, the pieces that Habashi has constructed here shine brightly from the page. While the titular story is about a story within a story, other narratives include tales about turmoil in the Middle East in ‘The Escape,’ while another follows the life of an older gentleman in ‘The Old Man.’ Each story moves quickly from beginning to end, creating easy-to-digest bouts of fiction that readers are sure to savor. By addressing universal themes in locations across the globe, Habashi presents a diverse cast of characters which many readers will be able to identify with.

While the writing is not perfect, and there are times when it comes across as jilted or confusing, the overall structure of the narratives presented here overcome the few parts that fall short. By reinventing his protagonists with each successive story, Habashi succeeds at always surprising the reader, taking his book across the world, all within the span of one singular collection. While the theme of love persists throughout the novel, there are also other philosophies to ponder here, as the reader is forced to contemplate aging, family, friendships, and what it means to call a place your home. Overall, this is an entertaining collection that offers a lot of avenues for the reader to explore.

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